Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Do You Take Your Morning Coffee with Sugar? Creamer?...Fruit Fly?

Hey...no pressure! It's not like you have to choose just one. You can have all three or any combination of two if you wanted!

But seriously though. Did the entire world know about fruit flies being attracted to coffee except me?

This never happened to me at home. But that may be because I use cheap coffee...I don't know. I'm just saying. 

At work we have a sweet Lavazza Blue coffee machine and I have just about given up having my morning coffee at home. Okay, I already have. Completely. And then when I go home and need a caffeine fix, I just get my cheap coffee and cry great big tears into it. 

YES! That's The Does of Reality in the background!

Anyway...back to the matter at hand...fruit flies attempting to commit suicide in MY COFFEE!

I have thrown out two good cups because I have found multiple - not one, not two, but multiple, fruit flies floating around in it. It's not like I just left the cup somewhere. I just place it on my desk, check an email and looked back and there they are. 

I asked Google and turns out half the world already knows about this. They actually use coffee to trap those little mofos! But I'm sure you already knew that. 

So yeah. Other than Nafew (also) getting getting a job, and my mom coming home (and me seeing her after two whole years), fruit flies in my coffee is the newest thing happening in my life. That is if you don't count me trying to settle into this new job that I totally love!

What's been going on in your life? Anything as exciting as fruit flies? 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A New Chapter

You guys!!

I have a job!

I am now the new Marketing Executive at Skytours Holidays and it's quite exciting. It's only my second day today and I'm just getting settled in. I have to give myself a crash course because the days to come is forecasted to be BUSY.

If you have plans of traveling, do stop by the above link and check it out. You might just find something you like!

I'll be back with more updated soon :)

Have a good day!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Ashton's Inspiring Speech

Lets get serious for a minute here. 

I just came across an acceptance speech by Ashton Kutcher at this year's Teen Choice Awards that blew my mind. It's not that he said anything new. It's all been said before a million times by a million people. But then again,  there's nothing wrong with repeating something so good and so precious!

If you haven't seen this, please watch it. And then show it to your sons and daughters. Your sisters and your brothers. Your nieces and nephews. And your students. Everyone should hear this. And take a moment to think about it. And then do something about it!

The sad thing about this video, although it is extremely inspiring, is the behavior of the young girls and boys in audience. My guess is none of them heard a word he said. Or maybe they did. But I think it's a safe bet to say not a lot of them remembers it. They just kept screaming at randoms words he spoke, all the while being completely oblivious to the importance of those words. 

I've always been a fan of Ashton. And after watching this, I'm honored to have met and spoken to him; even if it was brief. This is a smart person. If you watch the video on YouTube, you can see a lot of comments by people who refuse to accept the fact that this was a good speech. It's best to ignore those people. Because not one word of this is false. It's all true and makes so much sense. And it needs to be said more often. Maybe then, it might stick with a handful of kids that would eventually grow up to be amazing people. 

Please share. 
Have a good day :)

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Dear Guys

Dear Guys, 

I'm no fashion Guru or Icon or whatever people call it these days. I don't always follow the trends either. Because some trends are stupid. And I don't want any part of it. 

When I was younger, I saw a lot of trends come and go. And while it was among men and women equally, the biggest changes always seem to happen to women's fashion. Particularly in the way they dress; even more than the hairstyles and accessories. 

And then suddenly it's 2013 and HOLY SHIT! You guys seem to have gone so much more crazier.

Like this trend where you guys, more specifically teen and young adult guys, happen to wear your pants around your knees. Hey! I think it's super sexy when you wear it a little low on your torso. But any lower than that should not be allowed! I don't want to see your ass hanging out! 

And unless you're a hot model and you're doing some sort of underwear photo shoot, I don't want to see your underwear either, thank you very much!

I've seen all levels of extremes on this trend. I'm sure you're all familiar with Justin Bieber and his pants (I really hope nobody finds my blog searching for that!), whether you wanted to or not, because it's everywhere. And then there are several others. I've even seen some hip hop sorta people wearing their pants lower than there knees! I wonder how they walk. Or do anything really. Don't answer that! I don't want to know. 

Anyhoo...a couple of weeks ago I went shopping, and saw this guy.

It felt rude to take a picture. 

This guy had an entirely new thing going on with his pants! He wore it low, as is the fashion these days, but nobody told him that he's supposed to wear boxer shorts with this look! 

Poor dude was wearing tight black briefs! And because his pants were hanging low, people could literally see part of his thighs as he rushed to what seemed like somewhere really cool by the looks of the rest of his outfit. And hair. 

For a second I wasn't sure what I was seeing. And then I realized It was flesh and I was like MY EYES! MY EYES!!

So my point is, while you may think it's cool to wear, it's definitely not cool to look at. In fact, it's incredibly disturbing. Especially when we have to look at your hairy thighs!

So, regardless of the lack of my fashion expertise, I think I speak for people all over the world when I say that you should,  as a public service or just as something for yourself, STOP IT! 

Thank you

Girls Everywhere