Sunday, November 3, 2013

Dear Guys

Dear Guys, 

I'm no fashion Guru or Icon or whatever people call it these days. I don't always follow the trends either. Because some trends are stupid. And I don't want any part of it. 

When I was younger, I saw a lot of trends come and go. And while it was among men and women equally, the biggest changes always seem to happen to women's fashion. Particularly in the way they dress; even more than the hairstyles and accessories. 

And then suddenly it's 2013 and HOLY SHIT! You guys seem to have gone so much more crazier.

Like this trend where you guys, more specifically teen and young adult guys, happen to wear your pants around your knees. Hey! I think it's super sexy when you wear it a little low on your torso. But any lower than that should not be allowed! I don't want to see your ass hanging out! 

And unless you're a hot model and you're doing some sort of underwear photo shoot, I don't want to see your underwear either, thank you very much!

I've seen all levels of extremes on this trend. I'm sure you're all familiar with Justin Bieber and his pants (I really hope nobody finds my blog searching for that!), whether you wanted to or not, because it's everywhere. And then there are several others. I've even seen some hip hop sorta people wearing their pants lower than there knees! I wonder how they walk. Or do anything really. Don't answer that! I don't want to know. 

Anyhoo...a couple of weeks ago I went shopping, and saw this guy.

It felt rude to take a picture. 

This guy had an entirely new thing going on with his pants! He wore it low, as is the fashion these days, but nobody told him that he's supposed to wear boxer shorts with this look! 

Poor dude was wearing tight black briefs! And because his pants were hanging low, people could literally see part of his thighs as he rushed to what seemed like somewhere really cool by the looks of the rest of his outfit. And hair. 

For a second I wasn't sure what I was seeing. And then I realized It was flesh and I was like MY EYES! MY EYES!!

So my point is, while you may think it's cool to wear, it's definitely not cool to look at. In fact, it's incredibly disturbing. Especially when we have to look at your hairy thighs!

So, regardless of the lack of my fashion expertise, I think I speak for people all over the world when I say that you should,  as a public service or just as something for yourself, STOP IT! 

Thank you

Girls Everywhere