Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Cable People Suck

So my cable provider decided hat they're gonna force me to buy the expensive decoder/receiver thingy by cutting off most of the channels I pay for from the current receiver I have. Yup. I called them all pissed cos I just paid my bills and they were like, yeah, those channels are only available on the other one even if you've already paid for them. Sorry. 

Whatever man. 

So then last night I was bored and decided I'm gonna channel surf until I find something decent to watch. And I found it! Ha! Suck it, cable people. 

I watched Chowder. 
Image from here

And I loved it. 

It was this one episode where Chowder swallowed all these crap that he didn't want to throw away and him and the blue dude were fighting over it and because Chowder was all stuffed and huge from swallowing all those shit, he sort of rolled away all the way into the ocean and at first he liked in in there but then the fish ganged up on him and he missed his family and he started crying out all the stuff he uhmmm...stuffed in him self and they floated up.

Anyhoo...I enjoyed the shit out of it!

But I might still be buying the other receiver because I need to know who wore what and who's cheating on whom and I also miss watching random people cook all those delicious food that I will never attempt to make but I want to watch them anyway!

Monday, September 8, 2014

I was a City Girl and then I Realized I was Stupid

When I was in high school I was a self identified city girl. I liked the busy noisy city life and I decided that I didn't like nature at all.
The reasons behind this stupidity was 1) I hated the feeling of wind on my skin and  2) I hated the colors blue and green ...aaand blue and green are the two most naturally occurring colors what with all the trees and grass and the ocean and the sky...which are the major things people considered nature. Blegh!

And then I realized I was stupid.
I grew up a little and started noticing that I actually enjoyed nature quite a lot because holy shit it is beautiful!
I'm still not into the trees and the grass so much but oh my god I think I may have an obsession now.
Mostly with this scene where the sea meets the sky
and rain
and the sun

and also the moon
I bet you all loved nature even as kids, didn't you?! 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Free Money and Shirts!

So on 22nd May, while I was at an induction class for this job, I got a phone call. The number looked unfamiliar, yet it was quite clearly from a large office or company so I decided to answer.
A very important sounding woman on the other end informed me that it was the Bank calling. And then she explained to me that the Elections Commission had accidentally deposited money into my account and that they are asking if they may please have it back.
I didn't really know what to say to this because on the one hand, it's not my money and I had no business keeping it, but on the other hand it sounded like I had a choice.
Can they please have it back?
Like if I said no, they would just let it go and I am free to do whatever I wanted with it?
I'm not sure how it would have gone if I said no but I really don't want to keep money that's not mine so I was like yeah, tell them to take it back. 
And then later we went through this process where they emailed me a letter draft which I had to print out, sign, and have someone from their offices collect and drop at the bank so that the bank had my consent to let them transfer money from my account.
After which I realized that the amount they needed is no longer in my account because I forgot to pay my phone bill and they disconnected it so I made the payment online. Crap!
A quick call to the Elections Commission and explaining that they can totally make the transfer after payday got that sorted.
I felt a little like Phoebe from Friends. Remember when someone accidentally saved money in her account and she was like if she kept it, it would be like stealing and then Rachel said but if you spent it, it would be like shopping?
In other news, Darcy Perdu from So Then Stories started this thing last year where she sent a SoThenStories.com shirt to the first person to subscribe from each US State, from each country, and the from each planet. She also gave one to the first man and will definitely give one to Ryan Gosling whether he subscribes or not!
Immediately I emailed her and turns out I totally am the first from Maldives and she sent me a shirt!

Darcy also asks us to take our picture in a scenic area wearing the shirt so I got one and sent it to her and now you can see it here! I'm second from top on the beach!

Have you ever found your account balance has increased?!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Chronicles of Growing Up

A little over two months ago:
I'm an official grown up you guys!!
My wisdom tooth is on it's way and I can legitimately give people advice they didn't ask for in a few weeks. How awesome it that?!
Except it's not! Because PAIN.
A week before the over two months ago:
It hurts like a mofo. It started out as a mild pain in my left cheek...uh...yeah! I really thought it was my cheek. What the actual fahk could it possibly be? is what I was thinking. And then the next day my tongue and I decided to go on an adventure where we promptly discovered we had a newbie trying to settle deep in there. Which is of course when I realized what was happening for reals. Growing up is hard people :(
Some time later:
The pain kept coming and going in the days that came. Sometimes I barely felt it but some days it felt like they were putting up a high rise building in there with hammers and drillers and the works. Like I said, growing up is NOT easy.
Again, it was a little later than normal when I found out that apparently this is typical behavior of the wisdom tooth. I question it's name by the way. Wisdom Tooth. More like my...unmentionables! It takes it's sweet time arriving but I guess I'm just gonna have to deal with it.
Also, new found respect to the teething little people because it takes a lot out of you! And I might just need to borrow one of their teething thingies because it's all I really want to do these days. The pressure relieves the pain and I've been trying since this phenomenon began. And some days the inside of my cheek is just about raw from me trying to bite it with the tooth.
I've been told by several people who are already very wisdomous (Joey Tribbiani reference yo!) that I might need to have it removed because being the mentally challenged cousin of regular teeth, it might decide to come out sideways. What the what? No!
The tooth grew out.
It came out fine.
Three effing months later and the tooth still hurts! So I went to a dentist on Sunday where I was told the tooth is partially covered with a layer of gum! Huh? And it's holding on to pieces of food which is then causing infections! I'll excuse you while you throw up.
And it will keep on happening unless the layer of gum is cut out - which I'm doing on Saturday. I mean I will have the dentist do it because NO.
Ooh...and the other three wisdom teeth are not coming out because I'm too old for that. I'll let you guys decide what that says about my wisdom if it is in any way relevant.
So there you go! I'm a grown up!
How was your experience?

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

On Coming Back

I've been a terrible blogger lately, what with not blogging for over two months! I'm ashamed of myself. Worst thing is, I've been completely out of the blogging world. I didn't just stop writing. I stopped reading too.

But I guess in a way I did the right thing because I had zero inspiration. And to write with that mindset would have been a waste of my time and yours. And I didn't read because I felt hideously guilty about not writing.

Anyway, I started missing it again and I have decided it's a sign that it is now time to come back.

A lot has happened since I stopped writing. Like, umm...

1. I quit my job.
2. Stayed home and did absolutely nothing for nearly a month.
3. Got a new job - I start next week.
4. Had a birthday.
5. My phone was stolen.
6. Received an iPhone 5S for the birthday.
7. Moved to a bigger place in a different city.

So yeah. Things have been happening and I hope it continues to happen, although I hope it stays away from the people stealing shit direction.

I am offering you this picture I took a few days back as an apology
 for not reading any of your amazing blogs.

See you again soon!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Perm Sperm...Who Cares?

Let me tell you about a peculiar attribute of mine.

I'm highly observant when it comes to random things that don't really matter. I mean to the point that I spot minute details, especially if there is a mistake such as a typo. But then I'm shamefully ignorant about things that do matter. I don't know why it is, but I've been like this for as long as I can remember. 

So because of this weird trait of mine, I notice all kinds of stupid stuff when I'm out and about. Also, for some reason these things bug me. But like I said, they don't matter, so I can't really go pointing them out to people because WHO THE HELL CARES?

Turns out...I do.

So here's a few of said random crap I've noticed around town that I felt the need to photograph because they bugged be so much, in no particular order.

Whoever was responsible for this needs to get a dictionary and look up the meaning of translation. Because I'm pretty sure it doesn't mean writing the same word in different alphabet. I can assure you that we actually have an easy to remember and widely understood name for toilet in our own language. Aaand they need to hire new cleaners.

Have you used this? Wikipedia told me that it is meant to reduce strong odors like garlic and fish. But it also says there is no scientific proof that this actually works. Anyway, how great would it be if it really does... because it will last forever!

This one is just sad because it's huge to begin with. It hangs in a a large open compound of a local restaurant. Their food is good but they should probably fire their marketing team.

This is just your average old fashioned vandalizing. But I found it amusing :) Mostly because the shop owner is either so cheap or so lazy that they couldn't spare a minute to grab some rubbing alcohol and wipe it off.

I saved the best for last. Have you ever read such a sad sentence? I mean isn't it amazing how you could cram so much misery and negativity into four simple words? I was at a traffic light when I noticed this and I only has a second to snap this picture. Also, if it is not obvious enough, this is a shoe shop and I'm sure they meant well, but all I see is fail. 

So tell me, do things like this bother you? 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Flappy Bird Can Flap The F*** Out of My Life!

Have you all played that game that makes you want to rip your eyes out or maybe throw your phone all the way back in to the closet that leads to Narnia? Of course, you have! I don't know why I'm even asking. 

I'm not really into games much but having seen endless vines about this game, I figured I'd give it a try. Also please note that this is me...the girl that played candy crush for a few days and not get addicted. I'm strong.

Anyway, so I installed Flappy bird like three or four weeks ago, started playing it, and ran face first into the first pipe forty five times. 

Which is why when I made it past pipe number three I decided that it was good enough and gave it up. For good. 

Since then Nafew has made it over eighty, his friend made it over a hundred and ten, and his co-worker made it through two hundred and sixty. And I got only one thing to say to them. 

Then again, it may not be time they need. Just skill. Cos my 8 year old sister made it past pipe number five in a few tries and my 5 year old cousin got the same score with fewer tries. It might just be that I royally suck at this. I don't know.

Also, I heard that since the creator of this game, that everyone loves and hates simultaneously, took it off the app store, people are auctioning phones with the game installed. That is effing genius and I'm never deleting the game....ever.

What's your high score?

Saturday, February 15, 2014


On the 11th of this month, Nafew and I celebrated our three year anniversary. It was wonderful. We have come such a long way since we first met and got married. I know three years is a short time. I really do. It's not even nearly enough time to be married to such an amazing man that has never ever let me down. 

I hope to spend many more three years married to him.

Hope you all had a great Valentine's Day!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Sky

I was out with a friend from work the other day and it was beautiful outside. It was sunny, there was a cool breeze, and we were standing under this beautiful tree. So of course we had to take a picture, to capture and share this gorgeousness that was nature. And while doing so she told me how she kinds has this thing about the sky. She said that in almost all of her pictures, she tries to get the sky in there somewhere because she is so in love with it.

Male', Maldives

It made me think about how I felt about the sky myself. Now, while I don't have the affinity for capturing it as much, I realized that I do love it too. Every time Nafew and I go out, and when he asks me where I want to go, I tell him I don't care as long as it has a good view. I love watching the horizon, where the sea and the sky meet. I could just sit there staring forever. If I was as good a photographer as most people appear to be these days, or if I had an amazing camera to capture those moments with, I'd probably have a lot of pictures of the sky too. 

Nilai, Malaysia

I came home that day and went through my sorry excuse for an Instagram account and noticed I actually do have my fair share of pictures that captured the sky. So I'm posting the few passable ones with you guys in hopes that there are more people out there that think like my friend and I.

Nilai, Malaysia
Even when it is frightening, it's still stunning!

Nilai, Malaysia

Male', Maldives

Male', Maldives

Male', Maldives

One other thing that makes me extremely happy is the moon. regardless of how small it is, or the mood I am in when I see it, it never fails to cheer me up. I have tried to capture the beauty of the moon several times but it always comes out horrible so I've stopped trying. I'd rather enjoy watching it than trying to photograph it and failing.

What's YOUR favorite thing about nature?

Friday, January 3, 2014

Ooh! What Does This Button Do?


I'm that girl. 

I'm curious and I don't always think things through before I act on them. 

There's been a strange disgusting smell emanating from our bathroom sink and I asked the master what to do. 

Google told me to pour bleach down the drain a couple of times and it would probably go away. So I immediately threw aside my laptop and grabbed the bleach. But then I figured I should dilute it a little. Because I'm smart like that (Hysterical laughter in my head, BTW). So I dunk a few capfuls(?) of bleach in some water and threw it down the drain and when back to Breaking Bad. Ouh Yeeeeah!

Fifteen minutes or so later I wanted to see if the smell has gone away and went to check. Did I forget to tell you that I closed the bathroom door after doing the bleach thing and the ventilation in there is next to none? Haha! Silly Me! 

I did. 

So I opened the bathroom door, stuck my head in there, took a deep breath and died. Almost. God knows I'm about as fast as a horny tortoise but with that lungful of bleachy air inhaled, I might just have qualified myself for the Olympics of escaping.