Friday, January 3, 2014

Ooh! What Does This Button Do?


I'm that girl. 

I'm curious and I don't always think things through before I act on them. 

There's been a strange disgusting smell emanating from our bathroom sink and I asked the master what to do. 

Google told me to pour bleach down the drain a couple of times and it would probably go away. So I immediately threw aside my laptop and grabbed the bleach. But then I figured I should dilute it a little. Because I'm smart like that (Hysterical laughter in my head, BTW). So I dunk a few capfuls(?) of bleach in some water and threw it down the drain and when back to Breaking Bad. Ouh Yeeeeah!

Fifteen minutes or so later I wanted to see if the smell has gone away and went to check. Did I forget to tell you that I closed the bathroom door after doing the bleach thing and the ventilation in there is next to none? Haha! Silly Me! 

I did. 

So I opened the bathroom door, stuck my head in there, took a deep breath and died. Almost. God knows I'm about as fast as a horny tortoise but with that lungful of bleachy air inhaled, I might just have qualified myself for the Olympics of escaping.