Sunday, February 23, 2014

Perm Sperm...Who Cares?

Let me tell you about a peculiar attribute of mine.

I'm highly observant when it comes to random things that don't really matter. I mean to the point that I spot minute details, especially if there is a mistake such as a typo. But then I'm shamefully ignorant about things that do matter. I don't know why it is, but I've been like this for as long as I can remember. 

So because of this weird trait of mine, I notice all kinds of stupid stuff when I'm out and about. Also, for some reason these things bug me. But like I said, they don't matter, so I can't really go pointing them out to people because WHO THE HELL CARES?

Turns out...I do.

So here's a few of said random crap I've noticed around town that I felt the need to photograph because they bugged be so much, in no particular order.

Whoever was responsible for this needs to get a dictionary and look up the meaning of translation. Because I'm pretty sure it doesn't mean writing the same word in different alphabet. I can assure you that we actually have an easy to remember and widely understood name for toilet in our own language. Aaand they need to hire new cleaners.

Have you used this? Wikipedia told me that it is meant to reduce strong odors like garlic and fish. But it also says there is no scientific proof that this actually works. Anyway, how great would it be if it really does... because it will last forever!

This one is just sad because it's huge to begin with. It hangs in a a large open compound of a local restaurant. Their food is good but they should probably fire their marketing team.

This is just your average old fashioned vandalizing. But I found it amusing :) Mostly because the shop owner is either so cheap or so lazy that they couldn't spare a minute to grab some rubbing alcohol and wipe it off.

I saved the best for last. Have you ever read such a sad sentence? I mean isn't it amazing how you could cram so much misery and negativity into four simple words? I was at a traffic light when I noticed this and I only has a second to snap this picture. Also, if it is not obvious enough, this is a shoe shop and I'm sure they meant well, but all I see is fail. 

So tell me, do things like this bother you?