Thursday, May 29, 2014

Chronicles of Growing Up

A little over two months ago:
I'm an official grown up you guys!!
My wisdom tooth is on it's way and I can legitimately give people advice they didn't ask for in a few weeks. How awesome it that?!
Except it's not! Because PAIN.
A week before the over two months ago:
It hurts like a mofo. It started out as a mild pain in my left cheek...uh...yeah! I really thought it was my cheek. What the actual fahk could it possibly be? is what I was thinking. And then the next day my tongue and I decided to go on an adventure where we promptly discovered we had a newbie trying to settle deep in there. Which is of course when I realized what was happening for reals. Growing up is hard people :(
Some time later:
The pain kept coming and going in the days that came. Sometimes I barely felt it but some days it felt like they were putting up a high rise building in there with hammers and drillers and the works. Like I said, growing up is NOT easy.
Again, it was a little later than normal when I found out that apparently this is typical behavior of the wisdom tooth. I question it's name by the way. Wisdom Tooth. More like my...unmentionables! It takes it's sweet time arriving but I guess I'm just gonna have to deal with it.
Also, new found respect to the teething little people because it takes a lot out of you! And I might just need to borrow one of their teething thingies because it's all I really want to do these days. The pressure relieves the pain and I've been trying since this phenomenon began. And some days the inside of my cheek is just about raw from me trying to bite it with the tooth.
I've been told by several people who are already very wisdomous (Joey Tribbiani reference yo!) that I might need to have it removed because being the mentally challenged cousin of regular teeth, it might decide to come out sideways. What the what? No!
The tooth grew out.
It came out fine.
Three effing months later and the tooth still hurts! So I went to a dentist on Sunday where I was told the tooth is partially covered with a layer of gum! Huh? And it's holding on to pieces of food which is then causing infections! I'll excuse you while you throw up.
And it will keep on happening unless the layer of gum is cut out - which I'm doing on Saturday. I mean I will have the dentist do it because NO.
Ooh...and the other three wisdom teeth are not coming out because I'm too old for that. I'll let you guys decide what that says about my wisdom if it is in any way relevant.
So there you go! I'm a grown up!
How was your experience?

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

On Coming Back

I've been a terrible blogger lately, what with not blogging for over two months! I'm ashamed of myself. Worst thing is, I've been completely out of the blogging world. I didn't just stop writing. I stopped reading too.

But I guess in a way I did the right thing because I had zero inspiration. And to write with that mindset would have been a waste of my time and yours. And I didn't read because I felt hideously guilty about not writing.

Anyway, I started missing it again and I have decided it's a sign that it is now time to come back.

A lot has happened since I stopped writing. Like, umm...

1. I quit my job.
2. Stayed home and did absolutely nothing for nearly a month.
3. Got a new job - I start next week.
4. Had a birthday.
5. My phone was stolen.
6. Received an iPhone 5S for the birthday.
7. Moved to a bigger place in a different city.

So yeah. Things have been happening and I hope it continues to happen, although I hope it stays away from the people stealing shit direction.

I am offering you this picture I took a few days back as an apology
 for not reading any of your amazing blogs.

See you again soon!