Tuesday, May 20, 2014

On Coming Back

I've been a terrible blogger lately, what with not blogging for over two months! I'm ashamed of myself. Worst thing is, I've been completely out of the blogging world. I didn't just stop writing. I stopped reading too.

But I guess in a way I did the right thing because I had zero inspiration. And to write with that mindset would have been a waste of my time and yours. And I didn't read because I felt hideously guilty about not writing.

Anyway, I started missing it again and I have decided it's a sign that it is now time to come back.

A lot has happened since I stopped writing. Like, umm...

1. I quit my job.
2. Stayed home and did absolutely nothing for nearly a month.
3. Got a new job - I start next week.
4. Had a birthday.
5. My phone was stolen.
6. Received an iPhone 5S for the birthday.
7. Moved to a bigger place in a different city.

So yeah. Things have been happening and I hope it continues to happen, although I hope it stays away from the people stealing shit direction.

I am offering you this picture I took a few days back as an apology
 for not reading any of your amazing blogs.

See you again soon!