Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Free Money and Shirts!

So on 22nd May, while I was at an induction class for this job, I got a phone call. The number looked unfamiliar, yet it was quite clearly from a large office or company so I decided to answer.
A very important sounding woman on the other end informed me that it was the Bank calling. And then she explained to me that the Elections Commission had accidentally deposited money into my account and that they are asking if they may please have it back.
I didn't really know what to say to this because on the one hand, it's not my money and I had no business keeping it, but on the other hand it sounded like I had a choice.
Can they please have it back?
Like if I said no, they would just let it go and I am free to do whatever I wanted with it?
I'm not sure how it would have gone if I said no but I really don't want to keep money that's not mine so I was like yeah, tell them to take it back. 
And then later we went through this process where they emailed me a letter draft which I had to print out, sign, and have someone from their offices collect and drop at the bank so that the bank had my consent to let them transfer money from my account.
After which I realized that the amount they needed is no longer in my account because I forgot to pay my phone bill and they disconnected it so I made the payment online. Crap!
A quick call to the Elections Commission and explaining that they can totally make the transfer after payday got that sorted.
I felt a little like Phoebe from Friends. Remember when someone accidentally saved money in her account and she was like if she kept it, it would be like stealing and then Rachel said but if you spent it, it would be like shopping?
In other news, Darcy Perdu from So Then Stories started this thing last year where she sent a shirt to the first person to subscribe from each US State, from each country, and the from each planet. She also gave one to the first man and will definitely give one to Ryan Gosling whether he subscribes or not!
Immediately I emailed her and turns out I totally am the first from Maldives and she sent me a shirt!

Darcy also asks us to take our picture in a scenic area wearing the shirt so I got one and sent it to her and now you can see it here! I'm second from top on the beach!

Have you ever found your account balance has increased?!