Monday, September 8, 2014

I was a City Girl and then I Realized I was Stupid

When I was in high school I was a self identified city girl. I liked the busy noisy city life and I decided that I didn't like nature at all.
The reasons behind this stupidity was 1) I hated the feeling of wind on my skin and  2) I hated the colors blue and green ...aaand blue and green are the two most naturally occurring colors what with all the trees and grass and the ocean and the sky...which are the major things people considered nature. Blegh!

And then I realized I was stupid.
I grew up a little and started noticing that I actually enjoyed nature quite a lot because holy shit it is beautiful!
I'm still not into the trees and the grass so much but oh my god I think I may have an obsession now.
Mostly with this scene where the sea meets the sky
and rain
and the sun

and also the moon
I bet you all loved nature even as kids, didn't you?!