Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Cable People Suck

So my cable provider decided hat they're gonna force me to buy the expensive decoder/receiver thingy by cutting off most of the channels I pay for from the current receiver I have. Yup. I called them all pissed cos I just paid my bills and they were like, yeah, those channels are only available on the other one even if you've already paid for them. Sorry. 

Whatever man. 

So then last night I was bored and decided I'm gonna channel surf until I find something decent to watch. And I found it! Ha! Suck it, cable people. 

I watched Chowder. 
Image from here

And I loved it. 

It was this one episode where Chowder swallowed all these crap that he didn't want to throw away and him and the blue dude were fighting over it and because Chowder was all stuffed and huge from swallowing all those shit, he sort of rolled away all the way into the ocean and at first he liked in in there but then the fish ganged up on him and he missed his family and he started crying out all the stuff he uhmmm...stuffed in him self and they floated up.

Anyhoo...I enjoyed the shit out of it!

But I might still be buying the other receiver because I need to know who wore what and who's cheating on whom and I also miss watching random people cook all those delicious food that I will never attempt to make but I want to watch them anyway!